…’One is more not four’…

The One string wonder is packed up and ready to be sent out today so Andy will receive it tomorrow, all being well. It came out pretty good just a few minor niggles which got ironed out along the way:
When first plugged in it sounded distorted. This was easily remedied: the ‘one’ piezo saddle was connected to the wrong pin on the ‘Ghost’ preamp. It was connected to the pin for the g string which is a lot thinner. The preamp must be balanced to the gauge of each individual string, so the thinner ones sound the same volume as the thicker ones. The higher gain was causing the distortion, once I corrected this it sounded great.
There was some minor fret buzz. I had cut the nut too low, known in the trade as ‘blowing the nut’. I made another one but there was still a little fret buzz. It was slightly difficult to level the frets as there is no truss rod fitted to adjust the neck. In the end I levelled the fretboard with the string on and tuned to pitch. Easy enough, as there was just the one string I could work around it and very accurately remove the high spots. After this it played great too!

It has been great fun to build something so completely different to anything else I have done, I have grown quite fond of it, just looking at it makes me smile and I will miss it being around. Back to Part 1

Update 16:08GMT

The courier just came- One stringed wonder is winging its way there now!