HandMade in Scotland - Bailey Guitar and Might Beast Vegan strap

HandMade in Scotland – Bailey Guitar and Might Beast Vegan strap

You could say that all our work here is a collaboration of one kind or another – bringing ideas, individual needs, and construction constraints together to create each unique instrument

But here at Bailey’s, we are always up for interesting pairings and projects, especially when it involves linking up with other creative folk

The Mighty Beast… but no animals harmed…

Rachel R is an independent fashion designer & product developer – she is the hands ( and creative brain) behind Mighty Beast,  making custom guitar straps.  Thanks to Fin Robertson of Pricross, who is helping both of us with our PR and marketing, Rachel came along to the workshop with a selection of her eye-catching work which uses a variety of fabrics and hard wearing materials with many different designs, colours and finishes. AND they are all vegan and made here in Scotland

Mighty Beast's Rachel visits the Bailey Workshop

Mighty Beast’s Rachel visits the Bailey Workshop

Rachel is one of group of young, hardworking crafters based in Glasgow – and she has many projects on the go. As well as Mighty Beast, Rachel’s talents as a costume maker are in demand and will be displayed on a popular period film series (which is being shot around these parts). We are planning to work with her on some joint publicity and finally commission some Bailey Straps … watch this space…

Bailey Guitars – Up Close and Personal

The Bailey Workshop is near the seaside town of Ayr, which is also home to one of the TOP 5% Universities in the world – the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) which has a fantastic media and music department. Gordon Doherty is a post-grad creative media student and is making a short documentary film about Bailey Guitars in Ayshire … he started shooting last week and we hope to see the finished result sometime before Xmas. Cheers Gordon !

Acoustic Bliss – live and direct

This November we the start of the 3rd year of weekly broadcasts of Acoustic Bliss – the Late Show,  LIVE from The Twa Dugs to the internet courtesty of the brilliant Livestream studio. In the ten years we have been hosting these feasts of local playing talent, nearly 600 different performers have crossed the stage … all ages, abilities and genres, and some have gone on to make music their life.  Most of those 600 have shared their songs using Marks battered Bootlegger, and many have joined the Bailey family of players, ALL of whom we are really chuffed that they chose us to make their music with – recently on Facebook a few of those wrote and shared their own personal Bailey stories

When Bliss first started, we could not have forseen what would emerge from our musical collaborations and adventures – it’s a “marvellously varied thing” (thanks Stevie McCann BYO Bass,) chaotic and impromptu as all open mic should be, but with the featured original artist each week, and an “all welcome” policy it has grown legs and given many players the confidence to go further.  This month two great young female artists who have “Blissed”,  made it onto a bigger stage… the powerfully voiced Melisa Kelly and the Smokin Crows (and her Bailey Sweet P) on TV. Melisa got herself a first class honours degree in her craft this year, after working hard to put herself through college.


and Katee Kross the prolific young songwriter and performer from Glasgow, who released her first album this year… and has proved beyond doubt, that when you put your music on-line, you NEVER know who is watching . The Twa Dugs Ayr one week… Wembley Arena the next !!

Over the coming months, we will put the spotlight some of our players, builders and collaborative project in special blogs

In the meantime, you can keep up with what’s going on in Bailey world via Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter , and if you feel you need some marvellous musical variety in your life tune in on Thursdays from 10pm to Acoustic Bliss Live – we have Blissviewers all over the world,  look through the massive backcatalogue on Livestream or on the YouTube Channel (subscribers VERY welcome) or check out our Bliss regular, degree wielding journalist & Blogger Chloe McKee for a personal view

“Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony?”

Leonardo da Vinci, Notebooks (1451-1519).