Rosie completes his second guitar-BYO 284

Rosie bought one of them new fangled variax things from ebay so we could use the electrics for his BYO. He took great delight in ripping the bits out, and building them into his new guitar was a worthwhile challenge. It’s a shame they don’t supply the kit separately, so custom builders could use them without resorting to vandalism like this, but hey….anyone want the old body and neck…it’s yours….anyone else want to do this on the course? Thanks to Rosie we now have all the patterns…..B******d.(joke)

The guitar is able to replicate all kinds of guitar sounds humbuckers, single coils, acoustics, archtop, 12 strings, resonator…..and loads more…..even a sitar! Hmm……almost sounds like ’em as well (not joke)…….there are some weirdy ones but quite a lot of them are really excellent. Great job Rosie – it was a pleasure ‘avin ya, and thanks to Billy who sprayed the guitar.