Congratulations Mel!

The Fabulous Melisa Kelly has just released a mini album featuring and named after her very own Bailey Sweet P acoustic guitar. The album is available to download right now and contains six new self penned and produced tracks all written and performed on her beloved Sweet P in her own inimitable style. The album also includes Enrico of Watermelon Moon playing his new Bailey Coryphee Archtop guitar, and backing vocals from the lovely Wendy Rae (the other half of WM).

This is real singer-songwriting in action – Melisa left school at 16 and had no idea that within 10 years she would be writing and singing professionally, or that in her mid twenties she would go to college to study for a degree in what she does best. She enrolled at the Academy of Music and Sound (AMS) and is really enthusiastic about the whole learning experience – it covers every aspect of being a professional musician-but it’s not for the uncommitted both in terms of time and creative energy.

This latest album is her most involved to date…and created as part of her course project at the AMS’ own studio. Its a great piece of work, and as usual, the original songs and Melisa’s ear grabbing voice get you…

10/10 Melisa…A Plus and a Gold Star from us.

Can’t wait for the next one 🙂