Our New turbine goes up and the new Panels Arrive. The Story Continues….

About twice a year Barry Vyse from Torres Amps comes to run his BYO Amp course in our workshop. It’s a great way to get started. Even with an expert on hand to give you the right guidance it is still a tricky business and Barry is great at helping people to achieve their dream of building their own.

As if they hadn’t got enough to do we roped them into helping us to erect the new windmill tower. Very exciting. More on this to follow……
There it is up and flying.  It should put out about 1kw in a good wind. The plan is to get the whole workshop working on only power we have generated ourselves.

We just took delivery of 6 new solar panels. That will give us another 1.3kw on a sunny day. The plan is to build a solar tracker to mount them onto. More to follow……..