…The first of it’s kind…

Yes – It’s hard to see them go…

The guitar is based on the Bailey Bootlegger with the addition of a cut-away for better access to the top frets. Sam also wanted some more custom options to make it a bit more special – as it turned out I think it is unique.

You can read more about the build process here: read part1 | part 2

Sam’s guitar is finished

I put my heart and soul into all my instruments but this one has a beating heart of it’s own- I am looking forward to hearing Sam play it as I know he is an amazing player – check out his you tube channel.

Low down and dirty

The hardest part about this build? Sam uses light 10 guage strings and detunes all the strings a whole step – sometimes even 3 semi tones. Not all guitars are able to do this and play great in standard pitch – it took some time and careful setting up to achieve this especially as Sam has specifically requested that the guitar ‘play like a cloud’ but I enjoy a challenge – in fact I am personally adding that by default to all future guitar specs  🙂

Unboxing Day!

We sent the guitar by courier as usual and amazingly Sam had the mind to ask his mother to film him opening the parcel – thus begat our first unboxing video! YAY! If you want to know how it feels to get a parcel from Bailey Guitars then watch this space – as soon as I work out how to get it of Facebook I will post a link…