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Preston Reed Signature Jumbo

The story began with the Baritone guitar which has now become Preston’s main instrument. The end result was so good in fact that he decided he wanted a standard scale length version and so the Preston Reed Signature Jumbo was born.

We were delighted to create his Baritone guitar and even more so when he told us he liked it so much he wanted another one exactly like it, but with a normal scale length! At his request we did add some veneers to the headstock and a wooden logo to add a little distinction and set it apart from the Baritone but apart from that everything else is the same.

Preston is a true master of solo acoustic guitar, a real pioneer, responsible for many fantastic and unique ground breaking recordings. There are many inimitable facets to his work, for instance he is as comfortable playing in standard mode as he is using his distinctive over the fretboard tapping techniques. Another extra dimension to his style is created by the percussive drum sounds intermixed with the sound of the strings. This makes him as amazing to watch, as his music is to listen to.

Watch Preston play his own Signature Baritone

Everything i know and have learned about guitars in over 4 decades of performing, composing and recording is in these intruments.

They are the ultimate expression of beauty, comfort, playability and tone

Preston Reed

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