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Preston Reed Signature Baritone – the original
Expand your sonic horizons…

Preston is a true master of solo acoustic guitar, a real pioneer, responsible for many fantastic and unique ground breaking recordings. There are many inimitable facets to his work, for instance he is as comfortable playing in standard mode as he is using his distinctive over the fretboard tapping techniques. Another extra dimension to his style is created by the percussive drum sounds intermixed with the sound of the strings. This makes him as amazing to watch, as his music is to listen to.

We were delighted when he approached us to create this new guitar, which was to become his main instrument, and our first signature edition. He knew exactly what he wanted:

Baritone 720mm long scale length

Large body made from mahogany and cedar

Mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard

Deep rich piano like sound from the strings

Realistic drum sounds from the body

Onboard controls including active EQ and 3 source blend system to mix the sound

We also respected Preston’s wishes to make the guitar as ‘green’ as possible. The material for the neck and body come from our source of old reclaimed mahogany. There is no mother of pearl – the inlays are made from small offcuts that would otherwise be wasted.

Starting with a blank sheet we pooled our knowledge, and came up with the guitar you see here, which he now plays as his main instrument at all of his one man shows. We are looking forward to hearing it on his next album!

The end result was so good in fact that he decided he wanted to include a standard scale length version.

Watch and hear this PR Signature Baritone in action !

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