Cooperstand Ecco-G


A Beautiful ‘Recycled Composite’ stand that folds up and fits in your case!

Sturdy and good looking in a tiny package.

Out of stock


Cooperstands are available in the UK only

  • Uniquely superior design, built from top quality materials.
  • Versatile, compact and attractive.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Made from Recycled Composite. A little less sturdy than the wooden cooperstands but lighter in weight.
  • Any colour you like as long as it is black!
  • Securely supports a variety of instruments Acoustic, electric and bass guitar, ukulele, mandolin, violin and more!
  • Folds up to store in gig bags or most guitar cases.
  • Ideal for a gift!

‘These are the best stands I have ever seen or used – Given a choice I would not want to put any of my instruments on anything else!’ Mark Bailey