Kai makes a ‘Cloud’ guitar. Paul returns to start his first acoustic whilst Scott and Lewis continue work on theirs. Also Duncan Roberts makes his first.(sorry Duncan no pics….)

Yet another first for us was Kai deciding he wanted to make a copy of Prince’s Cloud guitar. The scroll was a bit tricky. We marked it out wrong here but worked it out as we went and it came out perfect in the end.

Paul’s back for more. Last time he made a carved top set neck solid body electric. This time it’s to start his mahogany acoustic. As they take longer he will be on the next 2 courses and should finish in Dec.
A tantalising glimpse of his Gypsy guitar in the making. Lovely dovetail joint – looks like it grew there! The rosette was tricky because of the odd shape but it came out great. Scott is nearly done Just needs to finish his neck before we can spray it.

Lewis has a plan to inlay a butterfly into the fretboard so we will include some pics of that when the time comes.What a gorgeous piece of wood. We cannot wait to see this one finished.