Well, amongst others, Melisa Kelly gave us all ‘Somethin to Shout About’ (bet she’s not heard that one before..) Live@Troon in the Bailey Guitars Beach Tent last weekend. What a great show we had over the two days. The vid gives an idea of how good it really was. No special effects were added this is exactly how it looked through my eyes…( thanks to Dave Pullar’s box of special Scottish drinks, for that, and John Boyle!)

Melisa played her Bailey Sweet P and was accompanied by the amazing Isaac “Highland Hotclub” Sutherland using Stevie’s Custom Bailey Archtop, with Laura ‘The Voice’ Hyslop backing up the vocals.

Will make another post about all the fantastic acts when we have gone through all video and pics

Thanks part 1

In no particular order and apologies in advance if I missed anybody- BIG Thanks to all the Bailey Team and members of Acoustic Bliss who came down or did something to support us including:
Carol, Billy, Fiona, Jamie, KA Radio, The Wizard of Oz, Bill ‘the plug’, Moira “the organiser” McDonald for her impromptu tombola help, Sandra Don (our first aider/tombola asst), Ian Durham, Niamh (all the way from Fueta Ventura), Mike ‘The Stand’ McDonald, Duffy, Ian and Anita, Scot and his lad Matt Wilson, Moyra (forget me not) and Tom (mad as a fretless bass with a trem) Turner, Gordon, Steve, Eve, Isaac and Raffa (the Highland Hotclub), Mandy, The Stranraer Guitar Club (I’m sorry – I don’t know all your names but you are all fantastic!), John ‘bad boy’ Boyle, the security man from the ‘other tent’ who kindly didn’t beat me to a pulp when I raided their stage, the food stall who gave us what was left over at the end of the day, the Mckeands who kindly brought us even more lovely food, David Pullar (acting course salesman) and his partner Chelle (raffle ticket ripper), anyone who lent us/gave us, or carried anything heavy, and especially all of our customers – to those who bought anything from the stand and therefore entered into the 15th anniversary prize draw – good luck !

Bailey Guitars – Made to be Played