Bailey guitars used to demo Elixir strings at the London International Music Show. Jade Gallagher goes for a ‘B1’.

LMI – Try out a Bailey Guitar!

Bailey Guitars on the Elixir stand!

We decided against going to the show this year and are putting the money into helping to acheive our solar powered workshop instead. Thankfully Bruce from Elixir asked if he could borrow a couple of guitars for their stand.Of course we said yes! We think Elixir are the best strings in the world so it’s great to be asked by them.

Cheers Bruce!!

Some dude tries a B1...
Some dude tries a B1…

Here’s a dude trying out our ‘B1’. We had a lot of good feedback about the Bailey’s at the show. It was fantastic to be able to have a presence there without actually having to go. This was made possible by a good friend of ours John Lockett who transported and collected the instruments for us.

Cheers John!

Jade is now formally part of the Bailey Guitar Experience extended family, and we are really proud to welcome her. There are already a few women out there using a Bailey but one more is only a bonus epecially when it’s someone with Jade’s calibre.She is planning to extend her current acoustic set to include some electric tracks… Check her out. We think we’ll all be seeing a lot more of her….

More Jade!
More Jade!
Jade Tries out a Bailey

Jade Tries out a Bailey