Luis finishes his guitar!

Last time we tried live streaming from the workshop we had problems with the audio…I promised I would upload a clip of the finished guitar so here it is!

Luis built his guitar in 5 days on our Build Your Own First Guitar course which takes place here in the Bailey Workshop. The spec of the guitar is s follows:

Body : Cedrella

Neck : Mahogany

Fretboard: Rosewood

Pickups :Wilkinson

Bridge : Wilkinson Wrapover

Tuners : Gotoh

Well done Luis – and thanks for coming all the way from Brazil to our little corner of the world to make your guitar.


Luis made his own video of the finished guitar on his return to Brazil. As he is really a bass player he enlisted his friend to play it for us – enjoy…(I did!)


We don’t just run courses here! We also make our own range of Bailey guitars – If we can do this in on a course, just imagine what we could build for you… or to put it another way – if you can imagine it, we can build it.

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