Design session and wood selection

Simon found us by trawling the internet and fell in love with the Exotica in our online shop.

The only problem was he plays left handed so we arranged a visit to the workshop for a design session and we drew out the guitar to confirm all the details.

It turned out that he really did like the Exotica- his spec was virtually identical apart from a few extra custom options.

Simon chose some Spalted Maple for the Cap while he was here but I have some more on order so I will post pictures when it arrives and he can choose which one he likes.

It will be a while before I am ready to glue on the Cap so there is no rush just yet, I will start by gluing up the neck laminates anyway…

The rest of the wood for the neck laminates and the body wings came from our friends at David Dyke.

We got lucky with the body wings (Thanks David) – we specified ‘Brown’ Maple, as used on the original.

Brown Maple is just plain maple with dark marks in the wood- it works great with a Spalted Maple Cap.

The only Brown Maple David had also has some really nice flame in it so that is a bonus (As long as Simon likes it of course).

Personally I think it is going to look amazing – no colour just a natural satin finish to bring out the figure in the wood.

There are quite a few extra laminations which will make gluing up the blanks a little tricky but the effect of the additional Black pinstripes will be spectacular.

Simon’s choice of custom hardware includes an original Floyd Rose bridge with a tungsten sustain block.

Contact us with your own custom guitar requirements.

Custom Left Hand Exotica Spec

Scale Length – 25 1/2″

Number of Frets – 24 correction – 22

Neck Style – Thru

Body wood – Brown Maple body wings

Cap – Laminated: Black pinstripe 3mm (1/8″) |Mahogany, Back pinstripe, 12mm (1/2″) Spalted Maple

Neck Wood – Laminated: 32mm (1.25″) Flame maple,black pinstripe, 3mm (1/8″) mahogany, black pinstripe, 9mm (3/8″) plain maple, black pinstripe, 3mm (1/8″) mahogany, black pinstripe, 32mm (1.25″)flame maple

Fretboard – Ebony

Hardware Colour – Gold

Bridge – Floyd Rose Original with L3 Locking Nut and Tungsten Block

Pickups – Bareknuckle PG Blues humbuckers with gold covers

Tuners – LSR tuners

Bailey Logo – Black