‘Bailey Makes Guitars’

Written and performed by Jon Gibbons on his own Bailey custom acoustic guitar.

All Bailey Guitars are handmade in the UK using only renewable energy.

As Jon was visiting and playing a few gigs around the local area, I asked him to bring his Bailey guitars around, so I could film him with my new camera…but I didn’t expect this! He made up the words and music pretty much on the spot and somehow managed to capture the essence of Bailey Guitars in a song.

I built two custom Bailey acoustics for Jon. The one he is playing here I made first. It has had some seriously heavy use – and quite a serious soundboard injury which we repaired… Nice to see it is still going strong despite the abuse it has recieved!

Jon’s playing style covers the whole spectrum from light fingerpicking, to all out thrashing the living sh~t out of it, if you see him play a live set you will understand what I mean. Anyhow, I guess he liked it as he commissioned a 12 string version pretty soon after receiving this one.

We met Jon Gibbons through our good friend John Duffy – Together they are ‘The Fabulous Duffy Gibbons‘.

I video’d him playing several tunes including a set with Duffy on his Bouzouki – I will add these to my channel when I can.