The Bailey Team all got together…

Billy and Fiona are Iona’s parents and both help us out here at the Bailey workshop.

Fiona made this guitar on our Build Your Own Custom Guitar course and then Billy sprayed it before final assembly and setup. The guitar was made as a unique one off custom deluxe special for their daughter Iona’s 21st birthday.

Iona chose the colour herself after seeing the Art Deco Archtop I made for Steve McKeand – it is ‘midnight blue burst with glitter’

The headstock was inspired by Dave Pullar’s BYO guitar – I am going to call it a ‘Pullar’ style headstock meaning ‘two tone’ – I think it might catch on! Fiona’s idea was to add a strip of abalone which looks really cool.

Fiona also wanted to make a star inlay which took a little time but came out really nice – I wrote a blog about how we did it a while ago.

When it’s all put together the guitar looks amazing! I hope you all agree and I have it on good authority that she loves the guitar. You can see a video of her brother Scott playing the guitar here.

If you would like to build your own guitar have a look at our full range of courses, or if you have seen a guitar you like any where on our main website or the here on the blog why not let me build it for you? – contact us with your ideas! Bailey Guitars are available to buy right now – online!