Please feel free to contact us if you have a question but make sure to check that is not answered here or anywhere else on the website first. You can also leave a comment here containing your question if you are logged in.
What kind of guitars do you make?
Anything from Electric, Acoustic, Archtop through to basses.
What's the difference between STANDARD, SPECIAL & CUSTOM models I can see?
STANDARD – the simplest version of the model with specific materials and a set price

SPECIAL – Variations on the spec of the standard – different woods, parts, features. Some available to buy – prices vary according to spec .

CUSTOM – Already commissioned versions of a model – someone else’s Dream! (mostly a gallery of gorgeousness to delight and inspire)

Can I try/buy a Bailey in any shops?
No – we only sell direct from our workshop.
Do you make custom guitars and how much are they?
Total Custom Builds are also available …Your unique design – based on your ideas – we start with a Design Session…
What methods of payment do you take?
Through the shop we have Google checkout, PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay etc

We can also take payments over the phone and in person for most debit and credit cards

If you want to pay balances by cash or direct transfer please contact us directly.

Can I pay a deposit for a guitar and pay monthly /when I have money?
Yes – our rule is that the guitar can’t leave here until it is paid for… but we are happy to make payment arrangements, and if what you want is a one-off,  a deposit will reserve & we will take it out of the shop.
Do you have Credit/HP?
No – we can take card payments, paypal, stripe and cash and any combination of those (See above).
What does out of stock/ “made to order in xx weeks “ actually mean?
We make most of our guitars to order – custom, unique (even our standard models) – but we are happy to remake any specials you can see.

The lead time is a rough guide to how long you might have to wait (it may well be much less) – we might have something already on the bench. If you pay up front your guitar is a priority.

I can't visit but want a guitar – how will that work?
Custom builds can be started with a Zoom session (see Custom Bespoke) – you just need the internet.

It can be done over the phone but not as good as the full visual design.

We can deliver by specialist courier – if you are outside the UK…talk to us.

What are the guarantees ?
In the first instance, please contact us as we will look at the guitar & identify the fault, then discuss the best way to resolve. All Bailey guitars come with a guarantee against faulty parts or workmanship.

We do our own warranty repairs and ask that any issues however small are dealt with by us. Taking our guitars to unauthorised repairers may affect the guarantee.

Why do I sometimes get an answerphone when I call?
We do not have a receptionist and it is impossible for us to answer the phone at all times especially if we are in the workshop  – we get a number of out of hours calls, but often work at weekends so the answerphone enables us to take calls over any 24 hours and we respond to queries as soon as is possible.

Please leave us a clear message with your name and phone number and we will get back to you. Alternatively you can email us and we will reply when we are back in the office. If the office is shut for more than a couple of days the message will say so.

Where are you based?
We are based in Ayrshire in a beautiful workshop in the hills. It’s about 1 3/4 hours from Carlisle. We are 20 mins. from Ayr train station and 8 miles from Prestwick airport and can arrange to coll.

We don’t advertise our address but if you want to visit to arrange a tour or consultation don’t hesitate to contact us!

Is the workshop fully accessible?
We have tried to make our courses as accessible as possible, and we have a portable ramp for the front door.

However our workshop is not purpose built and we know there are some issues so we ask you to contact us to discuss any needs you might have.

We will work with you to enable a full build to happen, and we have many options to offer a potential builder with any disability.

Do you do repairs?
Yes but we would need to see the guitar before we can give a price for any repair or upgrade work.