Solar Eclipse over Bailey Workshop!

Three things happened today which led me to a new idea for a guitar:
1. I managed to shoot this video of the solar eclipse over Ayr this morning
2. The Heathergem material has arrived
3. I heard about the Eclipse Flower

I discovered Heathergems while on a visit and instantly fell in love with the material. It is a natural product and made here in Scotland so I thought it would be a great and unique idea for a guitar rosette. I took details and tracked down the owners to ask if they would sell me some. I am reliably informed that they do not usually allow anybody else to use their product and have refused hundreds of requests so I am very honoured that they have allowed me to use it.

Today I learned that in Italy it is thought that if you plant a seed during an eclipse then the flowers will grow more colourful.
That gave me the idea for a guitar – it will be a ‘Moonshiner‘ with the precious Heathergem Rosette and since I had the idea during the event, I hereby name it the ‘Eclipse Flower’. There…the seed has been sown – let’s see how it comes out.