I accidentally started four new guitars on Thursday.

This is the sort of thing that happens between running the courses. I love making acoustic guitars as that’s what I play for fun.

The guitars are all quite small and the necks mostly join at the 12th fret except the mahogany one which will be at the 14th.

The Ziricote one is for a friend of mine’s 40th birthday the other 3 are for stock so are available to buy.

The guitars are all very similar but with subtle differences – I couldn’t make my mind up about certain aspects of the design so why not make all four. It will be interesting to see which one comes out ‘best’.

If you like the look of the guitars you can contact me to put your name down on one.

There is still time to customize any of these guitars – wood for the neck, binding…..fret wire, hardware and inlays, could all be your choice.