Custom Thru Neck Guitar for Graham Taylor

Custom Thru Neck Guitar for Graham Taylor –

Graham is a veteran here at Bailey Guitars – he first came on our course back in 2013 to make his first guitar. He then came back and made this spectacular bolt on neck guitar with Tasmanian Blackwood cap followed by this acoustic guitar. Graham thought it was about time he had ‘A real Bailey’ to add to the collection. It has been on the bench for a while now, as you can see the woodwork is virtually finished.

Custom Options

The guitar is based on the Bailey Exotica with some custom options including

  • Custom body shape
  • Drop Top
  • Hannes Bridge with Piezo
  • Custom Electrics
  • Custom Inlays

Custom Body Shape

The shape is based on the exotica with slightly fatter horns – to me this makes it appear a little less angry and a little more mellow.

Drop Top

If you look carefully at the first picture you can see the body has been shaped to create the elbow carve. The top you can see it the second picture is quite thin (4mm) – this is so it can flex over the elbow carve when it is glued on. This is called a drop top: The top has been bent over the body blank to create the elbow carve.

Hannes Bridge

Graham specified a Hannes bridge for this guitar – these are really great bridges but they are a little tricky to fit. This one has a piezo pickup built into each saddle – this is so each string can have its own dedicated output which is essential for tracking individual notes for MIDI control.

Custom Electrics

This guitar will have a Ghost Acoustiphonic and MIDI Hexaphonic system fitted. Somehow I have to cram all that gubbins into that there control cavity – wish me luck!

Custom Inlays

Graham has a few guitars that he made on our Build Your Own courses and each one has a special inlay with his initials. He wanted the same on this one – as I am making it for him this time, it also needs the Bailey Logo on there. Graham decided not to have any inlays on the front of the fretboard so his custom inlay appears on the headstock.

Nearly there…

I just have to make sure everything fits OK before handing over to Billy for the sprayjob. This will be the next guitar to leave the workshop  after Sam Winston’s Custom Acoustic

Coming Up Next?

Contact us with your requirements and maybe it will be your custom guitar taking shape right here on the Bailey Blog! Meanwhile… have a look around the Bailey Shop – All our instruments are individually HANDMADE in the Bailey Workshop.