The Buck-eyed Beauty!…or is it a Beast ?

This guitar is a Custom version of the Bailey Bandsman

What does it feel like to commission a Bailey custom guitar, wait months for it to be made, and then visit the workshop to collect it?

Click here to watch a video of when they saw the finished instrument for the first time!

It is great to be able to make people happy – that is my job – I am pretty sure we hit the spot this time…one of the most impressive guitars I have made so far I think. But it’s more than just a job for me – it is my life – I have met many good friends along the way and I count Iain and Sam among them.

Sam first contacted us in our 15th anniversary year when she bought partner Iain a custom design session weekend away, for a Xmas present. This set in motion a secret plan – Sam decided to pay monthly installments, so that when Iain had finished the design here at the workshop, she would be able to say “build it” –  and that is what happened.


But what does the man who now owns and plays this magnificent beautiful beast of a guitar say?

I dreamt as a youth of owning a one off handmade guitar that was second to none. All kids dream don’t they? Now, that time has come and I feel that to have my Bailey custom is not just a dream come true but a total honour.

Mark has to be the finest craftsman I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and he also has a fantastic team behind him all the way.
I have never, and I seriously mean never seen a more flawless, glass like finish on anything in my life, let alone wood.

The fretboard simply has no resistance, the tone is like nothing I have ever heard and the sustain is simply endless.

It is exquisite in every way and believe me if you can find a guitar to beat this then hats off to you.

I thank everyone for their collected efforts at Bailey and also the biggest thank you to my beautiful Samantha for commissioning the build for without her my Bailey custom would not exist.

Iain Moore – guitarist with ’12 Paces’ – Blackpool

I am looking forward to hearing and seeing it in full glory on a stage somewhere near Blackpool soon…

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Want to build a custom guitar of your own? There’s still a place on on our Summer Custom Build Your Own courses – June 27 to July 5 and again in Aug, 29th to Sept 6th.