It’s No Secret – He’s Back!

History of a Secret No.

Mark Screeton came on our build your own course a while back and made this guitar before commissioning me to make him another custom set neck electric guitar with midi…

Now he is back once more to take advantage of our 15th anniversary offer for another custom electric guitar and this time he is really going for it.

First Online Design Session

Mark joined me on Saturday for our first ever online design session which worked remarkably well – I can see me doing a lot more of those. It was really useful to have him on hand so I could ask questions while I did the drawing and of course the best thing was that he could see everything I was doing and ask whatever Q’s he had of his own – It is vital at this stage to make sure all the bases are covered and the spec is correct so I can build it exactly as requested – this was a lot faster than the usual back and forwarding of emails and we were able to look each other in the eyes which helps massively to avoid any confusion. I was able to answer all Mark’s Q’s and so he went on to commission the guitar as follows:

The Spec

Inspired by a guitar Tony Vince made here on another course but instead of the neck being glued in it will be a thru neck. This means I can carve away more of the heel allowing even better access to the top frets just like the Exotica.

The guitar will be fitted with Mark’s usual custom electrics and Bareknuckle HSH pickups including the full MIDI kit from Ghost he had the last time.

The neck will be laminated mahogany with maple pinstripes (Like Tony’s) and the fretboard will be ebony inlaid with mother of pearl offset dots or custom inlays (TBD).

The body wings will be made from Alder and a quilted maple cap will cover the front of the body with a matching veneer for the headstock. The finish will be natural satin except for the front which will be UV Gloss – the same colour and finish as this Teal Blue Special.

There’s more

As if that wasn’t enough Mark has requested the amazing and wonderful Tronical tuners – this will be the first time I have used these (or anything like them) so it should be very interesting – I am already considering installing them on my acoustic…imagine the time and pain that could be saved by these devices – one day all guitars will have this feature! I hope they miniaturise it a bit more and I wonder if they will fit any headstock – I will find out soon and let you all know how they go – watch this space…

Your Turn Next?

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