…..Finishing…..Honey burst…

I got confirmation on the colour for the front so the guitar is now in Billy’s capable hands for the spray job. I will post colour tests for the back tomorrow…..

The fretboard has been masked to keep the finish off.

The back and sides were sealed first – this will stop the colour sinking in if any runs down the side while the front is stained. To make doubly sure the entire guitar was then masked except the bit we want to colour (the front).

The front was double stained – it is stained medium brown first then sanded off. The stain sticks in the ‘flames’ and comes off easily in between. After that the amber is applied. Both these stains are just applied with a rag onto the bare wood. Double staining increases the contrast in the figure of the wood enhancing the grain.

The colour is protected with a sealer coat before the burst is applied. This means if the burst goes wrong (it didn’t:) it can easily be rubbed off with a thinners rag without damaging the base colour.

The burst is created by spraying ‘off the edge’ with a darker colour – in this case we used orange. The fan shaped spray pattern of the gun makes the colours blend together for the famous sunburst effect. Hope you like it!

A final coat of sealer was sprayed over the front to protect the colour so the back can be worked on tomorrow…..


The colour looks slightly different depending on which side you look at it from. Notice in the first pic the colour of the ‘flames’ look fairy even – this is because the camera was directly in front of the guitar. If you look from the side like in pic 3, the flames one side looks darker. The effect is reversed if you look from the other side. Don’t worry, this is normal. The effect is to make the flames look 3 dimensional – the flames ‘curl’ as you tilt it in the light. That’s why some folks call it ‘curly maple’. The only time they really match up is if you look straight at it from the front……