Big D for Stevie B

All this has happened before and will happen again…

Stevie came on our build your own course a while ago and made the most spectacular bass on the planet bar none…Now after seeing this video he has decided to take the plunge and commission a Big D custom acoustic guitar! I’m sure the chance of winning the grand prize draw also helped a bit – The guitar will not be finished before the closing date but any payments made will be eligible for tickets  – only 3 days left!

The Lowdown

Bass is Stevie’s main instrument but he often finds himself accompanying folks on his acoustic guitar so he wanted something different – being a bass player he particularly liked the huge sound of the Big D but chose some different timbers to enhance the bass even further. The back and sides will be rosewood – well known for it;s fantastic bass response. The soundboard is western red cedar – after a visit to the wood room we found an awesome warm sounding tap tone and long sustain – that is one of the beauties of commissioning your own custom guitar – you can visit the workshop and choose each individual part of the instrument to really make it your own.

Don’t worry

If you can’t visit the workshop we are now able to offer custom design sessions live using Google Hangouts – contact us for more info