It’s a Wrap!

We have just finished 5 days of filming for our new upcoming online tutorial video – based on our most popular ‘Build Your Own First Guitar‘ course which normally takes place here in the Bailey workshop.

It’s in the Can!

Enrico and Alan are both professional film makers and we are incredibly fortunate to have had them here at the workshop for a few days, making a full length ‘build your own guitar’ video course.

I have been using my book, which we also use as the course manual, for source material. As I have been working on and talking about it for about 15 years(!), this really is the fulfillment of a lifetimes ambition and it has turned out so much better than I could have hoped- thanks to ALL of the team.

It took ages to set up the lights and cameras for each shot but it was well worth it having seen some of the raw footage.  Alan and Enrico are did a really superb job using four HD cameras so literally every angle is covered. We have some awesome closeups and a great overhead shot which makes everything so much clearer.

I am really hoping this will help a lot of people to make their own instruments. I know what a great buzz I get out of it and want to pass it on to others like me who dreamed of doing this but didn’t get the same opportunities. Sadly not everyone can make it to our workshop for personal tuition, but soon they will be able to get the next best thing.

It is a fairly massive project which I could not possibly undertake without the help of the entire team – that is Alan, Enrico, Billy and Fiona, our new apprentice Jamie and of course the long suffering Carol. They all have my greatest respect for their collective endless patience and attention to detail.


Having my old friend Enrico in charge was like the ‘Icing on the Cake’ –  The cherry on top was having Alan with his stupendous camera and range of lenses to capture every detail.

The cherry on top, of the cherry on top, was the after show party which was also filmed. Billy and Jamie, with some help from Scott somehow managed to clear out the old barn which was full of rubbish and created a beautiful location for us. Carol managed to organise, those of our local musician friends who were available, to come up for a jam session with their Bailey guitars and between them Alan and Enrico captured the whole thing on tape, even when it got a bit messy later on. So we now have a whole range of bonus music to use for the sound track – thanks to every body who came to support us – sorry if you couldn’t make it.

Heck, we just a gynormous cake covered inches thick with icing and enough cherries to sink a ship!

Now it is over to Enrico for editing – a humongous job. There are over 20hrs of footage from each of the four cams so it may take a few months!  I will let you all know how the project is going and the release date as soon as we have it worked out.

I can’t wait!!!!