Extra day for local builders…and Kevin

‘Secret’ Dates

Most people on the course have to come and finish in one go – we get them from all over Europe and beyond so it is not possible to ‘pop’ back for workshop days here and there. We do however put on extra days for local builders as they are more flexible. Local builders have the option of coming one day a month and can choose from available ‘secret’ dates to complete their build. Contact us if you are interested whether you are local or not – Carol will be able to tell you which course will suit you, when these days are, or you can check availability of non ‘secret’ dates here.


Moyra is making a cocobolo version of the Bailey Sweet P and came for a couple of hours to glue on her neck and bridge. You can see a photo gallery of her guitar being made here. Next time she will finish her guitar with a fret dress and set up – can’t wait!  Got the next one planned yet Moyra?


This was day four for Kevin who stayed on after the 3 days to get a bit further on his version of the Bailey Bootlegger. He has now finished bracing his soundboard and back plates and now only has to carve the braces and they are finished. Next time he comes he will bend the sides, then start assembling his body. If there is enough time he will also start work on the neck.


Ian already made his neck last time he came so this time it was to work on his body. The body has chambers and we will eventually cut an f-hole into the birds eye maple top. Apart from the f-hole he managed to get his body routed and cut out so one more day of woodwork and it should be ready for spraying.


Stevie carved the heel on his neck and rough sanded the neck and body. His bass is now ready for us to spray. We still have to work out some kind of pickup system soon as he is nearly finished. This may not be straight forward as it is a 5 string archtop and there are few ‘off the shelf’ solutions out there. We will probably go for a custom job made by Kent Armstrong for the neck position but Stevie also would like a piezo bridge so I will see what is available and come up with some options for him.

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