Location: Bailey workshop

Fri April 13 2012 – 10:00 AM

Sun April 15 2012 – 5:00 PM

Kevin, Martin, Graham and Jon

Build Your Own Guitar/Bass course

This is a split, two weekend course, for people who are unable to come for a whole week and want to make something with more options than the Build your First Guitar Course. It also enables acoustic makers who need more time to pick and mix weekend dates over a longer period. Carol is a logistical genius and somehow manages to keep us all on track – contact her here for available dates.


Kevin is starting his fourth guitar on the course – I don’t seem to have a photo of his first one (Send me one if you can Kevin!) but previously he made a single cut with an f-hole, and then this particularly attractive Bass. This time he is making an acoustic based on the original Bailey Bootlegger.


Martin is making a set neck, single cut, 6 string guitar with chambered body. He chose a Flamed Maple cap with a mahogany back. The neck is also Mahogany with a Rosewood fretboard.


Graham is building a bolt on style guitar with a drop top and has chosen a beautiful piece of Australian Blackwood for the front which contrasts beautifully with the Ash back. His neck is Birds Eye Maple with an Ebony fretboard.


Jon is making a thru neck 4 string fretless bass. The five piece neck is made from three Flamed Maple and two Walnut laminates glued together. His body wings are Basswood and he chose some Maple for the cap.

Three days later…

After three days a lot of progress has been made. Martin, Graham and Jon have all but completed their necks and have all made a start on the bodies.

Kevin was booked onto one of our extra ‘secret’ dates, normally reserved for our local builders, so he stayed an extra day – see next post…

This course will continue in June.

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