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Hi Folks – Important announcement

We have a new website!

I have called the new site ‘ – The Online Guitar Making Academy

As you can probably guess from the name – this will be the new home for my online guitar making courses:

Please let me know what you think – if you have any q’s don’t hesitate to ask!
Note: All other Bailey sites will remain the same – for now – but we are working on the next edition.
Cheers –


Ps. Remember – the price includes Lifetime access – ask me any q direct or start a course discussion

Over 200 students have already enrolled on my online courses – here are some of their comments:

Greatest course on building guitars
This is simply the best course on building guitars. Mark really shares all the informations, camera shots are great as well. I’m really happy with the course, as I’m planning to build guitar for a long time.
by Feda Ratkovic

Great Course & Teacher
im loving this course, theres so much too learn regards to the building aspect of the guitar world aswell as setting up the guitar. With mark’s knowledge you cannot go wrong with this course. The course is all set out nicely and mark explains it all in simple terms which is a good, just like the design course by mark. Mark is always on hand to give any advice if you run into probs which is handy.
i highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in guitar making.
by Ross Brady

Design and Build Your Own
The course is an excellent pairing with the “Design Your Own” course also by Mark Bailey. The quality of instruction of excellent. They are really just two halves of one big course.
by Christian