They think its all over…it is now!

Luis came all the way from Brazil and became our first student to completely build his guitar live on air- the first one made in our 15th year.

We have never broadcast live from the workshop before…it was a five day experiment using a free service called Ustream. I would like to do more of this type of thing- it was a lot of fun. Despite the variable quality of the ‘stream’ and the lack of audio we had over 550 views from all over the world including Brazil, California, Canada, Holland, France, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, …and Ayr!

We tried to get audio to work on the live feed but alas our broadband speed is not up to it…I am looking into options of how we can improve this for future broadcasts… As every one really wanted to hear the guitar, I recorded some video with another camera – I will edit and upload it ASAP – keep you informed 🙂

Meanwhile here are some pics to enjoy!

Luis was on the Build your own First Guitar course so he completely made his guitar from scratch in the five days.

The others are all making acoustics. This takes longer so they need to return for more visits. Graham is making a Moonshiner with Mahogany back and sides he spent all week finishing off his top plate, back and sides and we planned to get the body glued together by day 4 but in the end he stayed an extra day so we didn’t have to rush. Kevin is making a Bootlegger and chose Snakewood for his binding. He had already made the body last time he came so set about binding it with Snakewood. He also decided to bind the fretboard so it is going to be another stunner! Luis, Graham and Kevin made up the ‘hard core’ of this course and we were joined by a different person each day to make up the fourth place.  Workshop days are all arranged by our resident genius Carol who makes getting everyone together in one place all at the same time look at lot easier than it is.

 How it happened…

Day 1 We were joined by Nelson who is making a Rosewood Dreadnought style guitar – he installed a Ziricote rosette and starting gluing on the flat braces to his soundboard.

Day 2 John is making a classical – it is the first time anyone has wanted to make one on the course and so far it is looking really good. He has a Cocobolo rosette and also glued on the flat braces.

Day 3 Steve came to start his acoustic with a cutaway. His rosette is Cocobolo – from the same piece of ‘offcut’ as John’s. Steve chose Lacewood for his back and sides which looks awesome – didn’t get any pics of it though…I’ll make sure to do that next time.

Day 4 Nelson returns! He now has all the flat braces glued on.

Day 5 Graham stayed on an extra day to get his back glued on which he duly did while Luis finished assembling and setting up his new guitar.