Veronica ‘s first guitar

We first met Veronica at our exhibition & demo at the fantastic Darvel Music Festival, which she came to with her family on a wet Saturday morning in Darvel’s impressive town hall.

Veronica decided to come on our Build Your Own First Guitar Course, and made this in 5 days spread over a couple of months. There are limited options for customisation but the aim is to make a quality guitar, as simply as possible, so it could be repeated at home. Veronica liked the shape and simple lines.

The design of the guitar is based on the Bailey Bandsman with a few custom twists added by Veronica herself.  She chose some extremely highly figured Jarrah for the cap and used an offcut to make a matching headstock veneer. She had already bought some Seymour Duncan pick ups she liked, and we fitted them into her new creation.

After 15 years of running build your own guitar courses we invented this one for those who didn’t have the money or time for a full on, all singing all dancing custom course, but wanted to learn the basic methods, all of which are covered on this one – and you get to take away your very own handcrafted masterpiece to amaze and impress your friends and family – even the younger members  – Veronica has two young sons who are  both starting to learn instruments, and were excited to come to see the workshop where “mummy” made her guitar.

We don’t know why we don’t get more women builders – but every builder starts on an equal footing in the workshop, and each first creation is as special as the next.

Veronica booked this experience for herself…but it makes a great gift

Have you got a creative woman in your life who loves wood/craft ? She’ll love this…contact us