Its the quiet ones you have to watch…

BYO319 Lewis Robertson 18/9/12

Had an awesome week. Thanks for teaching me how to build a superb guitar.

Lewis Robertson

Lewis wasn’t the burliest bloke we’ve had on a course but he took his time and quietly worked away creating this guitar on our build your own first guitar course. He came down from the far North of Scotland ( a village near the city of Aberdeen) to spend his holiday guitar building –  a big change in both scenery and activity..which is why he chose the BYOF course.

As usual the guitar is based on the increasing popular Bailey Bandsman but he chose a few extra custom options. The body was Mahogany with a Spalted Maple cap and for the neck he chose some of our reclaimed Pew wood ‘Cedrella’ topped with an Ebony fretboard. Like almost everyone who comes here, it was his first time at using most of the workshop tools, and for many there are moments just a little outside their comfort zones..

The great thing about building your own guitar is that you get so many options to choose from, even on the most basic course. You can decide whether to have a fat or thin neck for instance, – some things don’t add any cost at all.

There is always a choice of inlays (2-6mm mother of pearl or abalone), and fretwire sizes, none of which increase the price. You can opt for a cap but that would involve an extra piece of wood and another job so it would need to be discussed before hand and will be more expensive depending on what it is. Similarly pick-ups and hardware can also be upgraded but if you want a carve top, a tremolo/ vibrato arm, or inlays/binding etc, then you will need to come on one of our other courses.  Check course dates and prices

Lewis didn’t want a beach holiday -he chose a week of personal challenge which he rose to admirably. His comment above says it all and in the words of our youngest builder:

There is no charge for awesome-ness – Joe Thomas BYO 270

You make that yourself…here.

If you think you’d like to come but don’t know what course is right for you – please ask! Contact us with any q’s or ideas.