…Last day tomorrow!…

Day 6

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The excitement is mounting now. Six days of hard graft have brought us this far- everyone now has something resembling a guitar and tomorrow we will see and hopefully hear the fruits of our labours.

Nick is hoping to get the strings on and play his guitar in the pub tomorrow so Billy sprayed his guitar yesterday. All he has to do today is make a bridge and glue it on along with the neck so it was an easy day for him. By lunch time he had finished making the bridge and then set about gluing it all together. The tricky bit is scraping off the lacquer under the bridge- We use normal white glue as this can be removed for future repairs or maintenance without too much trouble, so it needs clean bare wood for a good bond.

Dave continued with his fretboard inlays till dinner time. His guitar design is quite elaborate and it is becoming increasingly clear that he may need an extra day to do it justice. We will have to see how far he gets tomorrow, but he did have a very productive afternoon. After lunch he finally started work on the body and by the end of the day is was ready for carving but he still has his headstock inlay to do and the neck needs frets and side dots.

Kevin began this morning by completing his neck joint. First he routed a neck slot then we fitted the neck and checked to make sure it was correctly aligned. After this he started sanding his body and neck. We broke up the fairly tedious process with several other jobs. After rough sanding the front back and sides he machined a radius onto the back- the front will be left sharp for now as he is having fake binding. He decided to go with a wine red bust so Billy stayed late to get the first coat of sealer on and tomorrow he will spray the colour coats.