…Late finish but still on schedule…

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Day 4

10am till 9pm

Kevin has to get his fretboard sprayed and Dave and nick must have theirs glued on to have any chance of finishing on time.

Stevie (bass) stepped in to carry on with his 5 string fretless archtop bass. Last time we tried to bend his sides which was a bit of a trial as the wood is so highly figured it started to fracture, so this morning I  showed him how to make a mould. While the glue was drying he returned to carving his back plate which is now starting to look really nice. After dinner he used his new mould to complete the side bending. We used a heat lamp to warm up the dampened sides until they were steaming, then clamped them into the mould to perfect the shape.

Dave (set neck) has been working on his headstock veneer with custom binding. We used a test piece to practice on to make sure we had everything right before cutting the channel around the headstock. The black/white/black strip had to be bent, mitred and glued first, with pins to hold it in place. Afterwards the outside strip of rosewood was glued and held in place by clear tape. This procedure took over half a day and is not for the faint hearted but the results will be spectacular. Dave’s last job today was to glue on his fretboard.

Kevin (bolt on) got his inlays in before first break and also cut his nut slot so his fret board could be sprayed. He then spent the rest of the day working on the body. Kevin spent a while making a pattern for the sound chambers which had to be routed into the body. After that he cut the shape into the cap before it gluing it on last thing.

Nick (acoustic) completed his neck angle and then made and installed a truss rod before cleaning the inlays from yesterday and gluing on his fretboard. Any spare time he had was taken up scraping and sanding the binding on the body that he glued yesterday.

Tomorrow we have a well earned day off…what does a guitar maker do on his day off? Make more guitars of course! I have some custom acoustics to be getting on with but I will be in the workshop on my own, the guys will be back for day 5 on Thursday- see you then….