Today we will mostly be making necks…

Day 2 of 7

10am – 7pm

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For Dave and Kevin, our new starters, yesterday was all about fixing their designs and choosing wood etc, so today we could get stuck into building. We had also managed to make fret boards which gave us a bit of head start today. An interesting day- 3 different truss rod designs kept me on my toes…Duncan who has already fitted his, joined Nick to continue working on their acoustics.

Duncan (acoustic)

Duncan got his fretboard glued on early so he could begin carving his neck in the afternoon. While it was drying he started to make an ebony bridge. He got the pin holes and saddle slot cut which are the tricky bits. Before he left he fitted his newly carved neck back on to check the feel. Next time he comes he will be mostly inlaying gold mother of pearl crown inlays into his fretboard.

Nick (acoustic)

Nick will make his own truss rod which fits into a straight slot but he will use a round bottomed cutter. After he routed his truss rod slot he cut the headstock angle into his neck blank before gluing on the heel block as it is easier to work with a square lump of wood. He was ready to rough out his neck in the afternoon and it will now settle overnight before gluing on the fretboard tomorrow. The rest of the day was spend cutting the channels for the binding around the edges of his body. He managed to get the first pieces glued in place before we packed up for the day and will finish the rest in the morning.

Dave (set neck)

Dave’s set neck design has an angled back headstock which requires a thicker piece of wood than a bolt on, parallel headstock design like Kevins (below). His truss rod is fitted under the fretboard into a simple straight slot. He roughed out his neck on the band-saw and then cut the binding strips from the sheet he glued yesterday. They came out looking great so we glued them on. Tomorrow the fret slots will need to be re-cut through the ‘black white black’ before the outside strips of rosewood can be glued into place, then he can get his fretboard glued on.

Kevin (bolt on)

Kevin has a more difficult task as the truss rod goes into the back of the neck and will be hidden with a fillet of wood or ‘skunk stripe’. He has band-sawn his neck out, drilled his tuner holes, glued his fretboard on and routed his truss rod slot.  He also took a tracing from his drawing to use for marking out the body. Tomorrow he will finish installing his truss rod, carve the neck and possibly make a start on the body.

That is a pretty good day all round I reckon…hope you are enjoying reading about the course and watching these guitars take shape over the next week….more tomorrow!