So, what did you do on your holiday?

This was Mark’s first build on our Build Your Own Custom Guitar course and he came all the way from Germany to our little workshop in the hills of Ayrshire to do it.

He made a neck thru style rock monster guitar with a wilkinson trem and ‘stab you to death, twice’ humbuckers – the shape came from his own dark imagination, but I made the bit up about the humbuckers… Quite a lot of work involved in sanding the curvy bits but Mark kept his head down and did a really superb job.

He chose to have his guitar finished with a Blue Stain and UV gloss. There was time to pre-assemble it so he could give a bash and check everything worked OK before he left it with us for Billy to disassemble it, spray it with UV and then put it back together again. We sent it to him by courier when it was done.

Although he was the youngest on his course he had no trouble at all with any of the methods and with quiet deliberation created this beast from the pile of raw timber I gave him in 8 days thus becoming our 310th victim…BwaoHAHA…WOhahHAHAhaha!!!

If you would like to build your own guitar get on to your mum, like Mark did, and get her to book you on a course…tell her we will look after you very well and make sure that you will not get into any bother. It’s got to be better than playing GTA with your mates? (you need to be 16+ to come on your own, but we have had builders as young as 12 who come with an adult who is also building)