This course was slightly unusual in that instead of four builders working from scratch we only had David Pullar – the rest of the places were taken by our acoustic builders who are ongoing.
David made a carved top guitar with a scroll which really came out like no other- wait till you see the pics!
Nelson is making his first – an acoustic – he now has the binding glued on so he’ll be working on his neck next time.
Steve Dufton is making a lacewood acoustic with cut away – his own design.
Archtop Dave Fletcher started making an acoustic with a cut away to his own design – this is Dave’s 3rd guitars with us. His first was this stunning Archtop (hence his nickname) and his second was this equally awesome electric guitar – Can’t wait to see what he comes up with this time!
Steve McLean is making a 5 string bass which is his first build and I think he is going to pop with excitement…I popped a few years back myself
John Graham is making a custom version of the Bailey Bootlegger for his son – it has a Cocobolo rosette and will have binding to match.
John Boyle is making a classical guitar – the first one ever to be built on the course – can’t wait to hear them all!!!!