BYO-320 Jamie McArthur 18/9/12

An amazing experience. Many thanks. Blessings.


Jamie used to be our veg man – he first came here in 2004 to deliver our veggie box…sadly the box scheme closed and he found himself without work. Now you understand, Jamie was the best veg man you could ask for, but I don’t think that was his real calling – he is really an artist/DJ – he paints beautiful abstract, celtic/tribal designs and has incorporated UV paint into his work making them even more stunning in the dark with UV spot light. His UV Jimi Hendrix was something to see! It is not easy making a living at though which is why he delivered the veg.

Here at Bailey World we are only getting busier, so we asked him to come and help out here at the workshop (well… it worked with the coal-man..cheers Billy!).

As part of his training he came on the Build your own First Guitar course – our best introduction to the art of guitar making. He has been playing guitar for many years, but mainly acoustic, so building a Bandsman was a useful way for him to get familiar with the construction and workings of Bailey electrics. He kept to the Standard Bandsman spec – but chose to mix black and chrome hardware.

Jamie continues to help out a couple of days a week – and his skills are improving all the time – recently he told me how he has used the things he learnt here in the workshop at home to make 3D art sculptures. I always say to folk on the courses that it doesn’t have to be a guitar – it could be anything that you are making – the techniques, methods and golden rules apply to anything!

Jamie is also a popular DJ in and around these parts – his famous ‘Car Boot Vinyl’ nights are now frequently jazzed up by the sound of his very own hand built guitar playing along with the music!