Paul’s Second Uke

This uke was half made at the time he bought the soprano so he put his name down on it and has been patiently waiting for me to finish it in time for a recording project – so with a bit of luck we will all get to hear it soon!

I made this Uke as an experiment to see if the Jarrah was suitable for acoustic instruments – I have some more I would love to make into a steel string acoustic…I would really love to make a Moonshiner with this stuff! But it is so incredibly highly figured there was some doubt whether it would be possible to bend the sides without breaking them.

As it turned out it was difficult but not impossible…the Uke turned out to be one of the most beautiful instruments I have made to date. I only had a brief time with it as Paul wanted it ASAP for his project but I did get this set of lovely pictures to remind me…as for the sound – when I played it for the first time it punched me in the belly…finger-picking a little more gently it just tickled nicely…

People often ask me how I let them go. Yes, sometimes it is hard – especially when they are as special as this one, but I am a builder and I have to sell instruments to survive, so nothing makes me happier than to see one of my babies going to a good home. Actually there is one thing…that is when we receive feedback like this from our customers! Thanks Paul – makes it all worthwhile:)

Here is what Paul said:

From Email:

Well… It has arrived indeed, my neighbor kindly took it as I was called into work, so I just got home and!.. What a lovely package to come home to.

So I’ll tell you quickly how it was for me to open her up.

First thing I got was the smell of the wood, it’s something you only get from an instrument like this i love that.

Straight away my eyes are drawn to the detail in the fret board the binding and grain in the sound board, not to mention the Bailey signature sitting there all crisp on the headstock.
All highlighted with a shimmer from the beautiful gloss.

It looks crisp and clean with a lot of attention to detail even at a glance I can notice this, But then I turn it round and there is that beautiful Jarrah..
And not so bright like I might of imagined but a lovely Autumn brown’y red’y color, this was a big winner for me.

I noticed then the D’Addario T2’s.. great choice of string, I only discovered them recently in fact,
So then… it was down to business!

Quick tune up and hands on..


I can safely say that’s the most comfortably fretboard and neck I’ve played.
My Pono is hard to beat for comfort I must admit but straight away it just had a smoothness to it that comes from the obvious quality of build..
These are all things I was worrying about till now Ha!

I started picking one of my songs, this always gives me a good feel for the tone and then some heavier folksy strumming stuff..
The picking is great, the fret board just feels so nice to move on.. Good action, easy on my fingers and comfortable.

There is a nice evenness to it, Unlike ‘a lot’ of ukuleles out there. My Pono is a prime example, nice high’s but really quite poor with the lower and mid tones and really muddy on recordings no matter what I try.

I’m would say this uke has a very warm feel to it…
Very nice to strum, there is definition in the tone and it’s got a very clean overall sound.. The high and low tones aren’t overtaking each other unlike my Pono.
This is key for me with recording because a quality balanced tone to begin with can save hours or even days of bloody headache trying to polish crap that wasn’t there to begin with.

It’s tricky with Baritones because you want the lower end and the mid to give it fullness but any I’ve played lack that definition and balance that you really need..

Well.. I’m impressed to say the least, Mark you have done yourself proud my friend!
I would be interested to hear a small parlor or travel size acoustic with these woods..
I can imagine they would work well with it’s overall clean sound and balance.

Well for now I have to go and stop rabbiting on..

Thank you very much really!!

And also for the T’shirts Ha! Nice touch :))

Speak soon guys

Bye for now 😉 x