Just to let you know what’s goin on at Bailey world:

We are back from a great time on Gigha where I managed to write off the car, but thats another story.

Before we left, Duncan and Colin came to stock up on materials. Duncan is currently building an acoustic guitar on the course and has been many times before to make electrics.  They are now starting to make guitars in his garage. Go for it chaps – good luck.

The competition to ‘Name a Bailey’ finished yesterday…We had loads of really great suggestions…Give us a few days to decide which ones (if any) we’ll use and I’ll post the results here. I’ll leave the comments open in case anyone has a belated epiphany. Hmm that’s a good one!


I spent the last two days categorising everything in the workshop! We’ve been working really hard on getting all the info together for the new website. It is behind schedule but it is looking awesome. Not long now! Watch this space…..

I have also been doing a few repairs this week including an old Ovation with an aluminium fretboard which was in a bad way – I will do a post on this tomorrow.