The imminent launch of the new website means it is time to announce the winners of the Name a Bailey Guitar competition.

Thanks everyone for your patience- this has taken a lot longer than anticipated but we are finally ready to launch the new site on Monday. Scroll down to see if you are a winner…meanwhile here is a sneaky peek…

Screenshots from the new website

Screenshots from the new website

Names for Guitars – winners

Thanks to everyone who entered and for all the suggestions. Unfortunately some really good ones were already being used by other makers, but we were very impressed with the quality of the entries and picked the ones that we liked and suited the guitars. Some I made up myself. Hope you like them…

Here are all the names for the guitars:


Old name- New name (namer)

Electric Guitars
B1 – Curve (Marcel B)
S2 – Bandsman (Marcel B)
R1 – Exotica Pro (me)
Acoustic Guitars
A1 – Bootlegger (john)
A1-12 – Rumrunner(me)
A2 – Moonshiner (john)
Parlour – Sweet P (me)
Ziricote –  Companion  (Marcel Besselink)
Ziricote 14 – Camino (Chris Sharp)
Archtop Guitars
J1 – Kithara (lesley-ann)
J2 – Coryphee (me)


FIRST: Marcel- Curve (B1) Bandsman(S2) Companion (Ziricote)

Guitar body blank, neck blank and fretboard, DVD, T shirt, 10 Bailey picks, set of bass strings.

Marcel was the clear winner – he got three and also made the most entries. As he is coming on the course soon we will also contribute some choice pieces of wood towards his build.

SECOND: John- Bootlegger (A1) Moonshiner(A2)

DVD, 2 T-shirts, 10 Bailey Picks, 2 set of acoustic strings, 2 set electric guitar strings

John named two guitars – The Bootlegger is the name I chose for my own guitar- nice one.

THIRD: Chris- Camino (Ziricote 14)

DVD, T-shirt, 10 Bailey picks, set of electric guitar strings

El Camino means ‘the road’ in Spanish which is why I chose this one.


Lesley-Ann-  Kithara (J1)

DVD, 2 T-shirts, Bailey Picks, 2 sets of strings

Lesley gets the BONUS PRIZE For naming the FLAGSHIP Bailey archtop. Kithara is ancient greek for stringed instrument….very clever.


Kenny- Jessamine, and Taylor Buntain- Jester

DVD, T-shirt, Bailey picks and set of acoustic strings

We loved these too and may use them for future models.