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We have planted a new seed – help us make it grow!

I know what you were thinking – I don’t yet have quite enough ways to contact Bailey Guitars or get my regular fix of workshop news and latest build updates…and if only there was just one more place I could leave a mind blowing comment to impress the interweb…well here it is!!!

Our brand spanking NEW Bailey Guitars G+ page!

Does anybody know what G+ is anyway? (No, it’s not that Graham)


(1) 1. 1:1. If you do know what it is then please head over there immediately and make yourself comfortable with a nice cup of tea, then you can enjoy even more of our amazing Bailey content made purely for your entertainment.

(1) 1.1:2. If you don’t know what G+ is then click the link or you may never know – the choice is yours only my friend – will you aid me or thwart me, choose swiftly…