Manuel’s ‘new wife’ is a stunner!

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This is a milestone for Bailey Guitars– Our first guitar to be finished with UV lacquer! As you can see it looks fantastic but there is more to it than just appearances.

This guitar is based on Manuel’s first guitar – he got it when he was nineteen and it is now just about played to destruction. I measured it very carefully so it should feel exactly the same if he closes his eyes, until he goes up the high end, as this new one has a modified neck joint to allow better access to the higher frets. Of course the super smooth feel of the new UV finish will give it away but I’m sure he’ll get used to that.

The wiring was customised to Manuel’s requirements: one volume, one tone control, a five way pickup selector switch and a mini switch. The tone control is also a push/pull switch which turns off one of the coils in the humbucker and the mini switch activates the neck pickup whatever position the 5 way selector is in. This enables neck and bridge single coils to be on at the same time. The fancy jack socket plate definitely adds a touch of class and was supplied along with all the other parts by Manuel himself.

Manuel is a great player and has become a great friend also, so it was a pleasure to build this instrument for him. I look forward to seeing him play it soon and I hope he finds with his ‘new wife’ another long and happy relationship!

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