…This colour is very cool and quite easy to do…

The back and sides were first sealed so if any colour runs onto these areas it will easily come off. Then colour is applied to the front of the body and the headstock. In this case it is just ordinary water based blue dye. After it has dried it is carefully sanded with fine (320g) sandpaper. This removes most of the blue but some of it ‘sticks’ in the figure of the wood because the stain penetrates deeper in these areas. The tricky bit is getting it all to look nice and even with no dark or light patches. The more highly figured the wood the better the result. It works on both flamed and quilted maple. You can also use black for this.

The colour is protected with a sealer coat which must be dry before the logo is applied to the headstock.

The guitar was then sprayed with a couple of coats of matt lacquer.

All this happened last week so it has had enough time to dry before assembly next week.