Kristian’s custom Bailey Bandsman guitar – woodwork completed and ready for spraying

Fitting the neck is a two part job.

First the slot is made in the body for the neck to fit into, then material is removed from the bottom of the heel to make the neck angle.

After this there are a few jobs which need doing before the neck can be glued. I used a gouge to make the belly carve- I could have used the same rasp I use for carving the neck but the gouge is quicker and feels more crafstmanlike…

All the holes are drilled for the pick up wires, jack socket, and strap studs, but I leave the bridge mount holes until after the neck is glued.

The edges of the body have been radiused and the neck and body are both sanded thoroughly.

Now the neck can be glued using two clamps to hold it in place until dry.

The next morning I drilled the bridge mount holes and the hole for the earth link wire.

The headstock was inlaid with a gold mother of pearl Bailey logo, and after a few more hours judical final sanding, the guitar is now hanging in the back room ready for spraying.

The finish will be tobacco burst with satin lacquer which should really bring out the figure in the wood- I will make a blog about this next week.

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