Making the Neck – Stage 1

This guitar is based on the Bailey Bandsman with a few extra custom options.

I usually start by making the fretboard, as it is very handy to have for marking out the neck. Instead of using a drawing and transferring measurements, I can use the real thing, so it is quicker and more accurate.

The trussrod slot is much easier to do while the neck is still a square block of wood, using a simple fence guide on the router. Then the headstock angle is rough cut on the bandsaw, before routing it perfectly flat using my jig.

Then the rest of the neck can be cut out. This is a two stage process:

1 – Roughly bandsaw the neck leaving 2-3mm outside the line.

2 – ‘Profile’ the neck using the router to copy a pattern into the wood.

After this, I route the back surface of the headstock until it is the correct thickness for the tuners, usually about 15-15.5mm.

Now the back of the headstock is nice and flat I am able to drill the tuner holes on the pedestal drill.

Having done all that it is time to install the truss rod. A small fillet of wood is glued over the rod to hold it in place. This avoids any problems caused by a loose fitting rod which may otherwise rattle or buzz while playing.

Next job is to glue the fretboard on. I also have to glue the cap to the body blank pretty soon so I can start work on the body…keep an eye on the blog to see how work is progressing

As you can see, all my guitars are individually handmade. I do not have a pile of necks and bodies to go through like in the old days at the factory, so I have the luxury of totally dedicating myself to each one. People often ask me which guitar I enjoy making the most – the truth is, it is always the one I am making right now!

Imagine watching your custom guitar take shape with regular updates and pics? If you are interested, have a look at some more of our guitars. Any of these can be customised to your own preferences, or if you have an idea for your own shape we can build it for you, Contact Us with your required spec for a quote.