Preston Reed gets a new Bailey Guitar

Way Down Deep

Preston Reed called and asked me to make a new guitar to replace his old one that he’d used for about the last 13 years. With the environment in mind, he wanted to support a local builder and liked the idea of a guitar made with renewable energy.

He pretty much knew exactly what he wanted which is always a big help and visited the workshop to go through the spec and do a drawing.

All I knew before hand was that it was long scale. Preston had sent me the dimensions of his old neck to copy… The Bailey Baritone was built using traditional methods and reclaimed wood wherever possible.

The guitar is now being used in his one man show travelling with him around the world – Big THANKS to Preston for choosing us to make it for him.

Preston has pioneered his own unique musical style, and if you haven’t seen him play yet, you are missing an extraordinary experience.Preston’s tour dates

And if you can’t get to see him live soon, you can get hold of his music direct from his website.

UPDATE: 31st March 2011

Preston wrote a blog about his guitar!