Using a router to make the headstock and neck angle’s……

I’ve been cracking on with the neck for the ziricote guitar – I want to get the fretboard glued on tomorrow so there is lots to do.

I cut the headstock angle very roughly on the bandsaw, and then the router takes off the excess to leave a very flat, smooth surface. A little rub with a sanding block easily cleans off any router marks. It is easier to do this while you still have a square block to work on. After the heel block is glued on the neck becomes a little more awkward to hold. It is roughly cut out on the bandsaw and then the headstock is routed to thickness using a similar method to routing the headstock angle. This headstock will eventually have an 1mm ebony veneer on the front so I thicknessed it to about 15mm(most of the tuners I use allow a max thickness of 16mm). This allows a little for sanding.

To cut the neck joint the neck is clamped at an angle into a jig while the router cuts the tenon onto the heel. It is usually a bit of trial and error – the strings must arrive at the right height for the bridge and the neck must also be straight down the centre of the body. I mark the sides of the neck onto the jig so when it is replaced I can adjust it accordingly. The angle can be changed by placing diffent thicknesses of veneers under one end.