…….OK, I lied about the gagged part…….

…….I have just finished binding the body though which is quite exciting.

I have been concentrating on the ziricote guitar because that one has a deadline – it’s for a birthday present so I have to make sure it’s on time!I will get this one ready for spraying then work on the other 3 while the paint is drying.

The binding strips are made from Snakewood – you can see how it gets its name – how cool is that. When I first saw Snakewood I fell in love with it so I bought a log and I’ve got half of it left. I have used it for a few fretboards in the past but in large areas it does look a bit over the top……Carol says it reminds her of a Ford Capri with leopard skin seat covers……I had to agree with her….So now we use it in small doses mainly for binding where it looks stunning, and sometimes rosettes.

The binding sits into a slot routed around the edge of the body. Because it is wood (gorgeous!) and not (eugh) plastic (ugh. spit…uck) it must be pre bent before it can be glued on. I also used a strip of ‘black white black’ aroung the inside edge.

Hope you like it Rich – I do!