50% off selected models ? A rockin’ joke ?

Mark’s first guitar was an electric, and in his teens he bought himself a metallic green hat, ripped the arms off his shirts, got a great 80’s haircut, and joined a rock band…

Electrics were his first love, and as a player working at the Patrick Eggle factory he knew what would help get all them licks and runs flowing from the fretboard.

Guitar making isn’t rocket science

Making a great playing guitar to make great sounding music is not just about the wood choice and pick ups…its definitely a lot to do with how the neck is made and feels, but its a really individual thing as to what is actually “just right” for you.

I Am the Neck Carving Champion of Europe!

OK Bold claim…self declared…there goes my ego mania again. At least I didn’t say ‘the World’.

Well the truth is as I understand it – back in the ‘Eggle’ days we were the biggest manufacturer of guitars in Europe (at our peak) and for the longest time I carved all the necks – that is several thousand…since then I have made hundreds of different instruments from the smallest sopranino uke to the largest archtop bass –  anyone want to challenge me for my title?

Seriously though  I do consider neck carving to be one of my specialities as I have just had so much experience. I once carved eight bass necks in one day, all by hand – often I will carve a neck for a customer while he waits…this way he/she can check progress as we go and have a feel so I can get it just right – Here at Baileys I make sure all our electrics leave with a great playing neck and fast low action (its the most consistent feedback we get)

Tight Leather Troosers

Like it says in the vid – All our production models (Bandsman, Curve and Exotica) are available in Standard, Special (one off, or upgraded ) and finally, Custom versions (where you ask us to create a version of the model to suit you down to your tight leather troosers)

Bag Yourself a Bargain!

For the next 3 days you can bag yourself a bargain in the on-line shop AND get tickets to win the £5000 guitar prize draw –  there are major reductions (yes up to 50%) on many guitars and a melodic 10% off our newest stock (including any orders made) – use the code RockinMad10 at the checkout …many more reductions are already in the shop.

Not to your musical taste ? Well then…all things acoustical for T minus day 2 of the countdown – watch out for that tomorrow….

Don’t forget all our guitars are made with renewable energy!