The dancer – shapely, agile and refined…
Coryphée archtop guitar
Coryphée antique archtop guitar front view Coryphée antique archtop guitar reverse view Coryphée antique archtop neck join detail Coryphée antique archtop headstock pickup detail

The dancer – shapely, agile and refined…

I started thinking about archtop style guitars after meeting Martin Taylor and working on several from his collection, including his main working guitar. I had the opportunity to see and feel some of the best examples which I have only ever seen elsewhere in books. As I started to slowly fall in love with the music I decided I just had to make one and came up with the Coryphée.

Put your arms around the Coryphée and lead the chorus.

Archtop guitar options
Body Neck Inlays Bridge Pickups Hardware colour Finish type Finish colour
Maple Mahogany None Ebony None All Matt All
Flamed sycamore master quality Maple Mother of pearl Custom Bennedetto   Gloss  
Quilted maple master quality Flamed sycamore master quality Abalone   Fishman pieze bridge      
Custom Quilted maple master quality Diamond   Bailey blend dual source (onboard)      
  Laminate Star   Custom      
  Custom Block          

The virtual guitar builder is based around the Curve but it can be used to visualise some of the options.